Private Equity

Meniscus Group offers Private Equity Firms the ultimate flexibility when it comes to meeting aggressive timelines or objectives to gain capital efficiency and a higher MOIC.

The company can close coterminously, before or after a deal, as well as work on sale leaseback options to fit specific needs.

For Funds looking to dispose of a single asset outside of a portfolio sale, Meniscus Group is the solution.

The company is debt-free, self-funded and doesn’t have a bureaucratic investment committee requiring secondary approvals.

Once an offer is submitted, the deal terms are pre-approved and a firm can trust Meniscus Group to follow through on commitments with certainty and speed.

16 Day Close Case Study
On December 12, Meniscus Group was approached with an opportunity to purchase a 400,000 square foot warehouse. The challenge? Closing of the transaction had to happen before December 31 for the seller, a private equity firm, to achieve their annual success metrics. That morning a previously selected buyer had been unable to meet its approval timeline. And while other investors were caught up in the red tape awaiting committee approval, Meniscus Group was able to commit and close just 16 days from the letter of intent over the holidays.